In my art studies, I learned some of the most beautiful lines are found in the human body and its structure. As I began to see the expressionistic capabilities of the human form, my interest in the intellectual and visual aspects of art grew. Thus, instead of trying to capture emotions solely through facial expressions, I strive to reveal it through the rhythmic flow of the human form.

While painting on a large scale commands the viewers space, I've recently begun work on a smaller scale using pen and marker. The large scale work enhances an emotional and spiritual connection between the viewer and the artwork, while the smaller pieces provide intimate observations into fleeting thoughts I may experience on any given day.

I use bright colors to convey the uplifting sensations we seek in our everyday lives, while the gestures of the figures express the struggle and growth of our existence. All of the figures, forms, and structures within my work are outlined partially from parental influences on my early drawings as a child. It also represents a neatness and comfort from our disorderly and chaotic society. The simplistic environments integrate themselves into themes which stem from a surrealist influence and depict messages from a spiritual realm.

Despite the growth of intellectualism, I find it's emotion that continually guides our behavior. Given the spiritual content of my paintings and drawings and the emphasis on emotion, it is my hope that my work will assist viewers in gaining a more profound understanding of themselves, what it means to be human, their relation to the environment and ultimately a connection to a higher power. The struggle for this type of awareness is a lifelong journey: one that requires patience, perseverance, and the desire for personal understanding. By allowing my work to touch an inner consciousness, I hope to give viewers insight into their own spiritual journey.

-Tim Sabados